December 19, 2011

Christmas is here (and so are 60 students)

176 sugar cookies and 60 students later sums up this year's Christmas open house success.

We (as a team) hosted the freshmen English major students in our apartments. It's an opportunity for us to show an inside glimpse into Christmas and shower them with hospitality. Each apartment had a different theme: Christmas ornament crafts, 'live' Christmas tree decorating, cookie making, and Christmas carols and the story and the students rotated through the stations experiencing Christmas.

They were eager to make Christmas cookies at our house. The first group as a little hesitant to get their hands dirty with cookie dough and then we realized we had forgotten one step, to wash our hands. After that, they dug into the dough making as many cookies as they could.

After decorating the cookies, looking at the Christmas tree decorations, taking pictures of our family picture, and playing with Kanyon, the students were ready to eat.

When we brought out the previously baked cookies, the students became really excited. I really think the students thought these were the cookies that they had made. We didn't have the heart to tell them they were eating the cookies from the previous class. And when we did tell them, they either didn't hear or didn't really care because they were eating cookies!

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