October 4, 2011

It's a holiday, and we stayed home?

Our team went on a picnic to Sun Island and we stayed home.

Why would we pass up a chance to get outside while its not freezing yet? What were we thinking?

"During the week-long National Day holiday starting Saturday, more than 530 million people are expected to go on a journey, an increase of nearly 10 percent from the same period last year, according to an official prediction."1

This week is a Golden Week for travel as China celebrates the seven day National Day holiday. Millions of people travel. In Harbin, millions of people travel to two places, Zhongyang Street and Sun Island. These are probably the most popular destinations for locals spending the holiday outside. So we stayed home. I agree with the Shanghaiist,

"Every year around National Day we wonder what exotic locales, interesting landmarks and unique experiences we're missing out on by staying home over Golden Week. Luckily for our conscience, five minutes on Weibo alleviated all misgivings about even thinking about stepping foot outside."2

Just look at these photos collected by the Shanghaiist from around the web, more images here, or read more about the crazy crowds outside.

1 Long holiday in China to see 530 mln people traveling. 2011-10-01 Xinhua English.
2 Weibo photos: "Sea of tourists" during Golden Week. 2011-10-04 Shanghaiist.

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