October 8, 2011

Got onions?

It's become so normal. Gigantic green onions everywhere. But really it's strange. Thanks to my teammate, I was reminded how strange it really is. They are everywhere, and cheap.

When we talked with Zhou Jie, our housekeeper, about what she did over the holiday she mentioned green onions. It's what many people do to prepare for winter, they buy all kinds of veggies, green onions included. Most families buy so many onions that they have to be delivered on a dolly. The onions are then tied together and stored for the long winter. They're stored in windows, on balconies, hanging outside, on the sidewalk, really just about anywhere you can find a spot.

Don't like green onions, don't worry. You can do the same thing with potatoes, pumpkins, or cabbage.

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