May 17, 2011

Nasty Brown, Sandstorms & Underarms

The brown air hung around for 2 days before leaving Harbin free of the sandstorm. For those 2 days, it was quite nasty.

Also nasty, at least according to Kanyon. I was playing with Kanyon one day when he discovered my underarm. Kanyon was quite curious so he asked if he could touch it. No, Kanyon, that's nasty. Later the same day as he was taking a bath, he raised up his arm to look at his underarm.

Kanyon: "When I grow up will mine be nasty like yours?"
Me: "Yes, when you grow up."
Kanyon: "I don't want mine to be nasty."

That's great. We're well ahead of our scheduled deodorant training plan.

Finally,something nasty and brown that hasn't happened months, Kanyon forgot to find the potty.

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jodi said...

hahahhaa oh kanyon... i'm glad you didn't let him touch it. :)

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