May 3, 2011

Grace filled May Holiday

May holiday came and went rather quickly. This year the holiday was three days over the weekend. So since we don't teach on the weekends, the holiday was life a normal with Monday off. We didn't even have to rearrange our schedule for the holiday like we did for the last holiday, Qing Ming Jie.

Saturday, we hosted an international women's fellowship brunch with ladies from all over the city and globe. Actually M'Lynn hosted and I watched Kanyon.

Kanyon and I went out for a super daddy date to an indoor playground. Kanyon loved playing but described the day as "a bad daddy date because I didn't get to ride the train or helicopters". At one point, Kanyon bolted out of the playground and ran over to the cheap little fair rides. A kiddie train going in circles, and another ride with 4 huge helicopters. The rides reminded me of the mini attractions in American malls. He was not impressed when I asked him to return to the HUGE playground I'd paid to get into.

Sunday, we had lunch with Grace. Our relationship with Grace continues to deepen. We love sharing our life with her over meals or having weekly chats over coffee. Each time we visit, her mother cooks a great meal for us. I wonder if Grace asks her mother before inviting us over to dinner since she's the one doing all the cooking.

Now back to the sprint. 60 days remain.

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