April 28, 2011

I pee pee on the wall standing up

That's what Kanyon's learned at school.

This is the first week of Kanyon going to Chinese preschool. Every morning we get him dressed and ride off on the newly converted minivan bike. Kanyon leads the way as go up the stairs, find his locker, and change into his "inside shoes". Then into the classroom he goes walking into a completely Chinese environment with 2 teachers and 20 other 3 year old kids.

We return to pick him up just before nap time each day. Kanyon made sure of this by yelling, "No sleeping!" in Chinese on the first day of class.

So what has he learned so far, in his words:
+ Bu zhi dao. (I don't know.)
+ I say weishenme (why).
+ I had cake for breakfast.
+ I can speak Chinese.
+ I sing songs and the girls did a dance. Because girls like that.

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