March 31, 2011

But he can't eat that

We were excited to stop by TGI Frday's after church on Sunday while in Beijing. After looking over the kiddie menu, we decided to order both the boys quesadillas.

As we ordered the food...

Waitress: What do you want to eat?
Me: Do kids eat free?
W: Yes.
Me: (Excited about free food and no sharing) Ok, we want two quesadillas.
W: He can't eat that. Only the spaghetti.
Me: (thinking and trying to read the Chinese fine print on the kid's menus.)
Me: So the quesadillos are not free?
W: They are free, but he can't eat them.
Me: (confused as to why he can't have the quesadillas) What?
W: (pointing to Corbin) He can't eat them.
Me: Oh, he can eat it. He's from Texas.

All the time we were confused as to why he couldn't eat the quesodillas. Was it that only the spaghetti as free and the others required payment? Then we figured it out. In China, young kids don't eat as much table food. Kids eat a lot of food like noodles until their much older than Corbin.

American kids are can eat more food. And Texan kids eat everything (as long as it's beef).

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