March 17, 2011

Why we're not cooking

Why should we all be locked away in our kitchen at the same time each cooking a meal for ourselves? There must be a better way to do this!

“Bring your plate, the food’s ready when you are.”

We’ve found the answer, meal sharing! Each teammate or family cooks a meal for everyone once a week. We cook enough food to feed our whole team on Mondays. Then other teammates return and do the same on Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday. It’s amazing. We cook once and are fed four times. Meal sharing has really lowered the team stress as we’re not concerned with what to eat. So much of our time was spent planning daily menus, shopping for ingredients, and preparing meals. Now we do this once a week. All the free time we can spend meeting students, preparing for lessons, or hanging out with friends.

We love living in community.

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