February 23, 2011

The Journey: Thailand

The dentist came to the airport to pick us up and take us to our hotel. M’Lynn found a dentist that offered free transportation shuttles from the airport to hotel, and hotel to dentist office. We made our appointment and took advantage of the free ride. We even brought some friends along with us to our hotel. We arrived in Thailand wearing too many clothes so we immediately checked into our hotel and changed into the new two week’s outfit, shorts and sandals.

Chiang Mai is an awesome place of warm weather, green plants, and tons of fruit juice and shakes. We enjoyed walking around outside in the same clothes we were wearing inside. We talked with so many old friends and made some new friends during our time there. We even met with a West Texan friend who currently lives in Guatemala! That was an appointment scheduled by the Father. We picked people’s brains and experience about serving in China long-term with a family. How do you educate your children while working in China? We got numerous suggestions and tons of advice.

Three things stuck with us as we talked to friends during the conference: “Serve the servants.” “Do what’s best for your family.” “Do whatever you need to stay in China long-term.” Each of these pieces of advice we’ve chewed on and stored away seeking the Father’s advice on what this all means and how the advice will play out.

Conference was great. We learned lament from Michael Card and renewed our corporate vision. The best time of all was the wship with so many others doing the same thing we are doing. What a great time!

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