February 22, 2011

The Journey: Kunming

First stop on the journey south for the winter was Kunming, the city of eternal Spring. And that it was. We enjoyed springtime temperatures but with no rain. We prayed the rain away and were amazed at the sunshine throughout our time in Kunming.

All of our time was spent in one neighborhood. (Beside the one time we ventured out on a double date with friends.) The neighborhood was so nice, there was no reason to leave. We played with kids, walked around the gardens, and toured the international school. What a place to live!

It was great to visit former teammates during the week. Kanyon loved playing with their children every day and we enjoyed the company and few games of Settlers of Catan. Kanyon’s favorite part was the stairs in the house. As he said, “You think I can have stairs in my house?” Well Kanyon, we’ll see about that. We do have 20 flights of stairs to our apartment that we never take.

Next stop Chiang Mai, flip-flops, elephants, rotee, and Annual Thailand Conference!

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