December 18, 2010

Where are all the presents?

Our Christmas tree is bare this year. It's decorated as much as last year, but something's missing.


There's not a single one under our tree. Well, actually, there's one, an electric hand mixer a teammate just picked up for us. And that one's not even wrapped. Or even a Christmas present.

Yes, we've finished our Christmas shopping (mostly). And yes, we've received so many packages in the mail from home including many for Christmas. And yes, we will be celebrating Christmas this year.

All our presents are safely stored away until they'll appear on Christmas morning. You see, if we put the wrapped gifts out now, Kanyon will convince his babysitter to open all of them the next time we leave them alone. This happened before with his birthday presents. And happened just this week when we left Kanyon with the sitter only to return home to find he'd eaten all the Christmas cookies gifted to us from our neighbor.

We're not even going to take the chance with the Christmas presents. We'll just leave them stored away until the big day. But until then, our tree looks quite empty and bare.

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