December 17, 2010

December eNews

During the advent season , we realize how we've been tremendously blessed over the past month.

Blessings of an amazing family, and extra warm clothes!

Classroom Blessings
The end of the term is fast approaching (only 3 weeks remain for me, others are finishing this week). I'm amazed at how much the students have learned over the past 18 weeks. As part of students' final group project, I've asked them to present a talk show about a controversial topic. The topics chosen include euthanasia, abortion, birth control, environmental concerns, cloning, animal transplants, etc. The students prepared outstanding presentations providing research to support their positions. I'm amazed at how deeply the students consider each of these topics. Often they've never heard the English vocabulary or even considered the ethical and moral implications of the topic, but now they have something to chew on for a while. These students are the future of China and they'll be faced with some tough decisions now and in the future.

Corbin learns to walk, just another blessing!

Life Education Blessings
Along the same topics, we're wrapped up another semester teaching the Life Education lectures. Each week we averaged 35-40 students who bundled up and braved the winter cold to attend a lecture on Saturday morning. The final topics centered on love, sex, and marriage. Students don't often openly talk about love, sex, or marriage with their peers (or even in secondary education) so these lectures provided the students with many first time information. We discussed openly with students the benefits of true love waiting until marriage and the preparations they should consider as they prepare for marriage.

We were disappointed the final lecture was canceled due to a room conflict (the entire building was closed for a national English exam) but we're encouraged with the feedback from students and teachers. Many of the relationships we'll follow-up with began during these lectures. One teacher says, "I appreciate for your amazing lecturing and selfless dedication. Your lectures not only improve the attenders' English speaking and listening ability, but also can solve the problems about their lives."

We know fully that we are unable to solve anyone's problems but we know who can.

Blessings mailed from home, Twix candies

Blessings Galore!
A special thanks to all who have partnered with the Father this year to continue His work on the campus here in Harbin. We're extremely grateful (and often overwhelmed) by your generosity, prayers, encouragement and support. It's an amazing testimony to the Father how he provides exactly what's needed at his perfect timing. Only the Father can orchestrate the blessings we've received this semester. Please know that we appreciate you specifically!

For those accountant-minded folks who like to save on your taxes, please consider a year-end gift. (It'll save you on some taxes, and provide blessings for so many people, more than I can describe in a simple email.) Click on the "Support" link and use teacher code T219 to give and be a blessing today!

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