December 4, 2010

Happy Birthday Corbin

We celebrated Corbin's first birthday with a very hungry caterpillar cake and Corbin was just as hungry as the caterpillar once he discovered icing and cake too. He went after it with both hands, well before we sang happy birthday.

The black icing and the present box were the hits of the party. Before we sang, both Kanyon and Corbin found the black icing and began eating it with their hands. Even after a bath, their hands (and chests) were still stained. And the box was more popular than the actual present. All the kids wrapped themselves up in the box ignoring the "doctor's office" toy in favor of the box. It wasn't until the sugar high wore off before they discovered the toy.

For those who want to watch, here are the videos from the event.

Happy Birthday Corbin (0:46 minutes)
Cake Eating Machine (1:15 minutes)
Birthday Present vs. Box (1:03 minutes)
After: Calm and Clean (2:01 minutes)

And those with slow internet connections, check out the photos.

Corbin's birthday marks the middle of the eventful six week holiday season. It begins with Kanyon's birthday Nov. 20 and continues through Thanksgiving, Corbin's birthday, Christmas open house, Christmas coffee house, a teammate's baby shower, New Years, final exams, Chinese New Year, and Annual Thailand Conference. Let the season begin!

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