August 10, 2010

Family Beach Time

We loved the taking our kids to the beach for the first time in Corpus. Kanyon loved the waves (when riding in his inflatable boat) and loved digging in the sand with his shovels. Corbin, really too small to do much, enjoyed being splashed and held all day long.

M'Lynn's future brother-in-law is from Corpus so we packed up the whole family to make a long weekend out of the deal spending most of the time on the beach or at a restaurant with seafood dumped on our table and mallet in our hand. Yum, yum, yum!

Since they've grown up in China, neither Kanyon nor Corbin are accustom to riding in a car seat. Everywhere we go in China by bus or taxi or private car, they ride in our laps. So summer time is a time of adjustment. Kanyon's figured it out and doesn't scream as often now from his car seat provided the car's equipped with a rear seat DVD player. Corbin however screams the whole time (8 hours there and 8 hours back)!

We broke the trip up both ways to save our ears. I stopped in Austin to see my sister on the way there while M'Lynn checked out her sister's wedding local in Dripping Springs. Then we stopped in both San Antonio and San Angelo on the way home.

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