August 19, 2010

America's Game

We made it to baseball this summer. We planned ahead this year and checked out the schedule to know the only possible dates we could take in a game.

Once Kanyon woke up from his nap, M'Lynn started singing "Take me out to the ball game" as loud as she could and as many times as possible to get pumped up for the game. Kanyon even joined along and now knows some of the words.

At the game, we have to pace ourselves and not do all the fun stuff at once. So here's how we divided up the evening:
  • Innings 1-3, we take in the game and the cool stadium. Sometimes cheering, but mostly talking.
  • Inning 4, we head to the concession stands to buy our food for the game (3 corn dogs, 1 large drink, and 2 waters).
  • Innings 5-6, we cheer a little more for the home team.
  • Inning 7, we warm up for the singing we've been waiting for since nap time.
  • Innings 8-9, we watch the end of the game hoping the home team pulls out the victory and doesn't give up their 3 run lead.
The plan worked according to the schedule, except for the most important part. When the 7th inning stretch was just beginning and the booth announcer had just pressed play to begin singing Take me out to the ball game, a loud crash of thunder roared over the stadium. Immediately everyone abandoned their singing and headed for the exits. We jumped up too, but didn't head home.

We stuck around under some cover to watch the final innings. And in the 10th inning, the home team won on a based loaded walk.

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