June 9, 2010

Saturday is Monday

Saturday is Monday. Sunday is Tuesday. Monday is Saturday. Tuesday is Sunday. Wednesday is Wednesday.

Monday is Week 16, but now Saturday is Monday so Saturday as Monday is week 15. Tuesday is Week 16, but now Sunday is Tuesday so Sunday as Tuesday is Week 15.

Why does all this matter? Simple. We get a three day holiday on Monday-Wednesday to celebrate Dragon Boat Festival.

Wait, there's more. We are scheduled to give finals during week 16 and not any earlier. We'd scheduled exams for Monday and Tuesday of Week 16, but these days have now moved and are now week 15 (on Saturday and Sunday). We're left with final exams on Thursday or Friday after the crazy holiday schedule. Yikes! Is that enough time to grade the exams, finish the spreadsheets, and turn in all the paperwork 3-4 days before we depart at the end of week 17. Probably, but that's cutting it a little too close for comfort.

So, it's all straightened out now, or at least as straight as it can be. Our finals are scheduled and we're ready to go. We've received special permission to give our finals on Sunday (the final day of week 15, or should it be week 16 as Sunday is Tuesday and Tuesday is week 16) and now have plenty of time to finish the required paperwork, pack our bags, clean our apartments, and prepare for the summer in the states.

Confused? Maybe. Figured out for now? Yes. Welcome to the wonderful world of China.

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