April 28, 2010

UPDATE: Common Grounds

Update from last Thursday Common Grounds English Coffee House:

We arrived early and moved the desks around the room forming them into small table scattered throughout the room. After covering each table with a table clothe, mounds of cookies, centerpieces, and dice, we eagerly waited for students to arrive.

"Wow, I didn't expect it to be this fancy." the first student said as she entered the room and found her way to a table. Other student followed and sat in groups of 4 at a table hosted by a foreign teacher. When we began, we had 20 students. It wasn't the 35-40 students we expected, but it was a good start nonetheless.

As the night began, we played a simple ice breaker game by rolling dice to determine which introduction question we'd answer all the while eating the cookies. It was great to listen to the students' responses and gain a little more insight into their lives.

Next, a structured discussion about identity. Where do you find your identity? Should identity come from inside or outside of yourself? Each question was a great opportunity to sprinkle Truth in my answers.

We are excited to get this event up and running and are looking for ways to improve the coffee house to attract more students. Hopefully word will spread among the students and next month we'll have a packed house!

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