April 21, 2010

Common Grounds

Common Ground (n) A foundation for mutual understanding

Common Grounds begins this Thursday evening. Common Grounds is a monthly English Coffee House discussion hosted by foreign teachers. We'll serve free drinks (milk tea and coffee) and homemade snacks to the students. The room will be decorated with table cloths, centerpieces, and eventually cool lamps to create a relaxed and inviting atmosphere.

Students enter the event showing their ticket. Then they sit in groups of 4-5 around tables talking with a foreign teacher. Each Common Grounds will have a different topic of discussion. For this first coffee house, the topic is identity.

The goal of the event is threefold. First, to provide an opportunity for students to practice their English in a relaxed environment. Second, the coffee house allows non-teaching spouses an chance to interact with students. Thirdly, we hope students gain personal insight and begin to ask deeper questions.

Please remember this event today as we host our first Coffee House on Thursday evening. Check back for updates on the first event.

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