December 9, 2009

Da shi guan 大使馆

The most recent vocabulary word we learned was Dashiguan 大使馆.

Da4 shi3 guan3 大使馆 means embassy.

We survived the trip to the US embassy to apply for Corbin's passport and other papers. It was our first time inside an embassy and it was a pleasant adventure. It reminded us of a Post Office both in looks and functionality. First go to window 2 to check in, then window 4 to pay, then window 3 for your appointment over the counter, but since you have a family we can use Room A.

I'm just glad we weren't in the 'line' of people wanting to get visas to visit the USA. That room was crazy and packed with people in what didn't really look like a 'line'.

I hope we remember the term to tell the taxi driver when we go back to pick up the passport.

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