November 28, 2009

Thanksgiving in China

Our Thanksgiving is spread over 3 days. We get to leave out the Black Friday shopping craziness. Everyday we can find a bargain in China, so no need to rush out at 2:30 AM to stand in line when I can sleep in and hit the market at a reasonable time.

Day 1: Thursday, we join some friends for a traditional family Thanksgiving dinner surrounded by friends new and old. All the fixings are there, including 2 turkeys and 6 pies.

We determined the Thanksgiving meal in China can sometimes be the best Thanksgiving meal ever. Not because everything tastes so much better because of the lack of American food for the past several months, but for another reason. Here, everyone brings their best dish to the meal. It's a combination of Thanksgiving and a Fellowship Potluck Dinner! Now that makes for great food!

Day 2: Friday, we watched the football games a live online. The Broncos finally snapped their losing streak. (On a side note, maybe the baby can be born soon. Kanyon was born on a Tuesday morning after the Broncos had won the Monday night football game.) And just for M'Lynn the Cowboys won too!

Day 3: Saturday, we plan to attend a huge (70 people) Thanksgiving meal here at the Mac. We suggested that we bring something simple to the meal just in case we were delivering a baby and had to miss the meal. So we've found some Stove Top stuffing and cranberry sauce that we can quickly fix up and contribute to the meal.

Turkey in China for Thanksgiving, a little of home in Beijing.

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