November 29, 2009

China's Empty City

If we had been back in Harbin, we may have seen this on our own TV. The report is from Al-Jazera, on of the only English language news station we receive. Since we're not at home, this article was passed to me and I pass along to you.

Ordos, China is a beautiful modern city. It was built from the ground up in just five years. The streets are clean. And the neighborhoods are quiet. But something is missing. The city was built to accommodate nearly one million people. Yet, no one lives there.

The city of Ordos was a government project. It was likely conceived as an economic stimulus. Building is a sign of economic growth. So, local officials started building. But five years later no one has moved in. It’s a ghost town without any ghosts.

Follow the link below to watch the video of the AlJazeera report.

China's Empty City (4:22 min)
1 The Kim Kamando Show November 20, 2009

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