November 21, 2009

Temperature Check

Normal: Daily temperature checks entering the apartment complex.

While in Harbin, we self reported our daily temperatures. This became quite normal and routine as we would fill out the form and submit it each morning before heading out to teach. Now in Beijing, we have the additional fun of being checked by one of these fun infrared thermometers as we enter the apartment complex where we're staying.

The guards put this up to my forehead and pull the trigger. I'm glad their thermometer registers a bit low every time. Our temperatures hover around 34 Celsius each time we enter. At that temp, I think we would be dead. But its better for the thermometer to be too low then to be too high forcing us into a fever quarantine everyday.

I get a bit nervous each time to thermo-gun is placed near my forehead. I think I'm remembering too much from "No Country for Old Men" for this to be comfortable. But it's now normal nonetheless.

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