November 20, 2009

The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

In a post that has nothing to do with China, it's time for some sixman football! The playoffs are here and in Texas that means the best time of the year.

Watching sixman football every Friday night under the lights wearing long johns and drinking hot chocolate. (I will be doing all of those from China except for the football watching.)

Sixman football is the best. Nothing like everyone from a small town in the stands cheering for their team. 400-500 people per side cheering for the six players on the field. Awesome! Traditionally I attended the sixman state championship game every year watching both the "large school" Division 1 game and the "small school" Division 2 game.

(It's crazy! We've created a division of football in Texas that requires only 6 players so more schools can field a football team and we've reduced it even further to have 2 champions one large school (66-101 students in high school) and one small "absolutely tiny" school (less then 65 students in high school))

Now from China, I must settle for the scores (or some heavily accented small town sports radio).

A daily check on this website keeps me in touch with this most wonderful time of the year! Check it out for yourself

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