August 19, 2009

Today's the day

Today's the day the travel begins from Texas to China. We finally got all the bags packed after taking over our aunt's house (while they're gone) and making a huge mess of the dining room with all our stuff. While it seemed like the things would never fit into the bags, everything made it's way to the bag. We even had some room for an extra trip to Walmart to pack some last minute food goodies.

The carry-ons are packed and loaded with snacks for Kanyon and M'Lynn. One full bag with nothing but snacks is a much for the mini flight to Dallas, but hopefully enough for the long haul to China. And the laptops are loaded with movies to entertain the kid for a while. We've again packed the new toy to reveal on the flight. Let's hope Kanyon still likes motorcycles and Hummers.

The summer has been great and busy at the same time. We've traveled tons of miles, seen almost everyone, and spent time playing with family. While it's always sad to leave, we are looking forward to being 'home' again in China and meeting all the new students. We can't wait!

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