August 23, 2009

Home Again in China

We are safely back in China and staying in Beijing for the weekend
before we trek to Harbin on Monday morning. Kanyon was great on all the
flights except when he woke up from his naps all cranky and crying, but
that was only for a little bit before he settled back down. We had a bit
of a layover in Seoul so we were able to take advantage of the super
coolness of the airport and use the great kids' playground near our gate.

Now we are at Beijing training and getting updates on the organization
and what's been going on in China. We have another full day of meetings
on Sunday before we head back to Harbin on Monday morning at 9:40 AM
flying home.

It's been great to be back in China, and Kanyon sure does enjoy all the
people and seeing all the cars. Plus today at lunch he was stuffing his
face with some spicy tofu dish and some spicy chicken and carrots, 2 of
the staples of Chinese dinning. I guess he is really at home in China
and it sure showed today in his happy smile and constant talking (not
yet words still but getting closer).

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