June 10, 2009

Volume 3, Issue 6

June is here, and with that means our return to the States for the summer. We will be in Texas from June27-August 20. We are splitting the time between parents in Garden City and Quitaque as well as dropping by Lubbock, Midland, San Angelo, Austin, and tons of places in between. We are piecing together the summer schedule and would love to see as many of you as we can. Again, thank you for all your support this past semester and for the support to come!

Salty Conversations
"Being salty is more than just being available." This quote has stuck with me ever since I first heard it this past month. I have been challenged to be salty in my conversations and interactions with students and that includes more than just being available.

In the past week, I have had different opportunities to be salty when talking with students. During class, we were having a circular conversation where students draw a topic and then speak on it before rotating to a new partner. Since some classes had an odd number of students, I got to participate.

The first topic drawn was, "Life has no meaning or purpose." The student shared his thoughts on the topic that his purpose was to achieve his goals to make money and provide for his family. He asks, "What is your purpose?" I was able to share my purpose, to follow closely after the Father even if this means giving up money or comfort to share His love with others. What a different purpose! I know this will stick with the student forever as he continues life searching for his purpose.

Time to rotate to another student. The next topic is "People are basically good" This student agrees with the statement, but I totally disagree! Again I get to add some salt to the conversation challenging her to consider that all have sinned and fallen short.

And as we look forward to the final weeks this term, we are looking and asking for increased opportunities to not only be available for the students, but to also add salt every chance we get. In the next weeks, we are planning to host at least 2 meals for students. We are excited to continue adding salt in the lives of the students.

Even now, we are considering different ways to engage the students early next term with open houses and free talks. And remember to add salt.

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