June 9, 2009

New addition the toy box

This is the newest addition to my toy box, a mini remote controlled helicopter. These things are all the rage here in China now as everyone everywhere is selling these little toys. I just got mine today. So far it had flown pretty good, but I needed to charge up the helicopter batteries before I could fly it more and get it straighten out. I don't know if these things are in the states or not yet.

I've wanted one of these for years, but didn't want to spend the outrageous money needed to get one. Now they are dirt cheap and electric. All those years of waiting have paid off with this little guy. Now we'll see how long the 6 AA batteries last in the remote and how much those end up costing. But for now, this thing rocks worthy of a dream toy 15 years in the making.

It's great to be a boy again excited about new toys.

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