April 18, 2009

Man Movie Weekend

Well, Kanyon and I had the apartment all to ourselves this weekend as the mama is out to a girls' retreat in Changchun (a short train ride from here 2-3 hours depending on the train/cost). So we had ourselves a "Man Weekend" here!

I had the first pick on Friday night and choose to finish James Bond's Quantum of Solace. This movie is nothing but action just like all Bond movies, car chases, explosions, fighting, action-action-action!

Saturday night was Kanyon's choice. After flipping through the DVD case several times, he finally ended up at his choose: Kung Fu Panda. What a great movie for a little man to watch. So we parked ourselves on the sofa, grabbed to toy cars, and watch the movie. It is his favorite movie of all time (at least his favorite of his lifetime up to now).

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