April 18, 2009

Chinese Hypermarkets

Before coming to Harbin, I had never heard of these stores. But now each is a standard name in our vocabulary and a fixture in our weekly schedule. They are each like Wal-Mart in the sense that it has a bit of everything from clothes, food, electronics, appliances, and dry goods. Since Carrefour is the closest store to our apartment, we often head out for the weekly trip to get the necessities (peanut butter, butter, toilet paper, trash bags, diapers, and any other items on the list).

Carrefour is not the only place we shop. We have a standard list of items that are found only at certain stores. Diaper liners and wipes (Wal-Mart), Bacon (Wal-Mart), Soy Milk (The Grand), Maxwell House Coffee and Coffee Syrup (Metro), Cheese (check each store for different varieties).

And in the case we are really hungry from some good Western groceries, we jump on the 203 bus 6 stops to the super Carrefour. Now this Carrefour has the import isle from heaven stocked with coffee, Old El Paso refried beans and taco sauce, torillas, Doritos, spaghetti sauce, BBQ sauce, and many other items we love. And if we are really desperate, Metro is only a 35 RMB taxi ride from our place for even more goods.

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