July 4, 2008

Six Flags, More Flags = More Fun

We had a great time in Dallas this past weekend doing all the normal Dallas things. Our first stop was Six Flags Over Texas. Not wanting to be sick like the previous times, I decided to take some Dramamine to ease the motion sickness. For a ride on a boat, that stuff works wonders, but when your first ride in the park is the Titan, Dramamine didn't stand a chance.

The Titan: 24 stories tall & over 85 mph

I did survive the Titan, but that would be the end of the roller coasters for the day for me. I walked through the rest of them. We figured that M could ride the rides and I would not be sick, so we both would be happy. That's the way the rest of the day went.

Watching as M'Lynn Goes Round

The lines were great, we finished all the rides by 6:00 pm and headed out of the park. We were heading to park at the Rangers game, when we realized the Ballpark is just across the street. So we returned to the Six Flags parking lot and parked at the far end to save ourselves from paying for parking twice. The game was filled with homers, and the Rangers won. Too bad if we had to pick we would both be Astros fans.

All Prettied Up for the Reception

The next day we headed out to the reception that was the real occasion for the trip. It was in a cool downtown antique shop/restaurant in Sherman. We had a great time hanging out with the ole GC crowd.

Leaving town on Sunday, we stopped at Cabela's to stock up on more warm weather gear for Harbin. Seems we can never have enough. We walked out of there and Outdoor World with tons of Extreme Cold wool socks, glove liners, and a double fleece face mask. All of this without the baby, who we were glad to see when we returned home.

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