June 21, 2008

Bigger than His Head

Big Bottle

Kanyon has found some new toys recently. His favorites now include a set of keys which he can bang around and make plenty of noise. Also, he loves to check things out that are bigger than his head, including a 5 gallon water bottle and a used Apple Juice container. Now that he has started to scoot around, crawling is just around the corner, her can chase anything that rolls. Each time he comes up the the apple juice bottle, he gets so excited he hits the bottle and it rolls away. Then he's off to chase it down, hit it again, and chase it wherever it goes.

Our dog used to do the same thing. Briscoe would not play with anything that was smaller than his head. We would give the dog a rope chew toy and he would not play. But give him a five gallon bucket or a large beach ball and he would play all day.

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