July 27, 2008

Next up: Boxes, Packing, & Suitcases

Our last day of work was Friday, kind of a bittersweet day. Some days we both would be ready to move on and away from our jobs, but after 2 years, you really start to like the people you worked with. So we said our goodbyes, Kanyon said his goodbyes too at daycare. Now on the what's next.

Current view of our living room

Next up: boxes, packing, and moving. We have 5 days to be out of our apartment and all packed up. the difficult part is that we need to get all our bags for China packed at the same time since we will be living out of the suitcases for the next month in TX and another month in CA at training. We think we have a plan worked out. Get all the things we want to take to China in a giant pile, then pack the rest of the apartment up into boxes, then return to our pile of stuff and see how much of it actually fits in a suitcase. We'll probably have to leave behind about half of the things we would like to take to China for another year. Hopefully soon I will get an updated list of what makes the cut and what is left at home. We hope to have learned something from our last packing for China experience. But either way, six 50 pound suitcases still hold the same amount and weigh the same as they would have two year ago.

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