July 28, 2008

Goodbye Midland

When we were in China, we were encouraged to say goodbye to our city, students, and friends during the last weeks before we departed. We visited Wal-Mart, Ba Yi Square, the electronics market, the new campus, and other places one last time before we left. So in our last week in Midland, there are several things that we want to see or see again before we leave.

  • Midland Rockhounds' Game

  • Petroleum Museum

  • George W. Bush Childhood home

  • One last Life Group gathering

  • Commemorative Air Force Museum

  • Starbucks or Harvest Caffe

  • Restaurants: Sonic, Rosa's, Jorge's Mexican Food

  • HEB

  • Visit the duck pond

  • Walk around our neighborhood

As was the case in China, there may be some things we don't have time to get accomplished, but each time we travel we have a motto that we can always see these things when we come back. And more often then not, we have been able to return and check a few more off the list. We will be home to Midland each summer so we can revisit some of our favorites.


Kelly Efurd Lawson said...

I can't imagine having to say goodbye!! Praying for you guys...

much love,

Becca said...

We'll be thinking about you three! I'm so sorry we didn't get to see you one more time but we'll have to come up to Midland when you are back next summer. Good luck!

Unknown said...

We may be down to Austin each summer if my sister is still there.

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