May 2, 2007

12:2 Times May 2007

Warmly Welcome…

…to the first 12:2 Times E-News. While in China, we enjoyed keeping in touch with family and friends and sharing updates about what we’ve been up. One goal we both had when we returned from China was to be intentional about building and keeping relationships. Deciding to take this goal seriously, why can’t we continue to share updates, photos, joys, and concerns in the states? There is no reason for us not to!! So we hope you enjoy this and we look forward to hearing from each one of you!

Baby on the Way

M’Lynn and I are really excited to announce that we are expecting our first child November 24. We are really excited and can’t wait to start this new adventure and chapter of our lives. On our first trip to the doctor, we were able to see the baby doing flips inside of M’Lynn. We are both extremely excited and can’t wait to start this new adventure and chapter in our lives. As Jeremy’s boss said, we’ve been promoted (to the next generation)!

It all worked out that we were visiting both of our families for Easter, Carey and Renee in Garden City, and Walter and Kathy in Big Spring. We were able to tell them all in person and both families were extremely excited, even screaming for joy, to hear news.

Easter Eggs

While visiting Walter & Kathy in Big Spring, we have continued the tradition of coloring Easter Eggs. I don’t like this tradition much and am always looking for a way out of the coloring festivities. This year I tried something new.

“Why can Walter and uncle Butch not color eggs,” quipped Jeremy.
“Because they are adults,” his sister Jamie said.
“I’m an adult too.”
“Then because they are parents.”
“I’m going to be a parent too.”
“If you say that, you will start rumors.”
“But it is true!”

At this everyone began to catch on to the announcement. Kathy even silently mouthed “Really?” as if she was screaming. Then the real screams began. It was definitely worth the wait, albeit only two weeks, to be able to share the news in person.

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