July 2, 2007

Student Responses to The Baby

We were amazed at all the responses from our former Chinese students we received when we told them we are expecting a baby. We hope you enjoy these responses as much as we did.

M'lynn, Yes, this is hugo lee. Realy? you have had a baby? - Hugo

Hello my dear firend M'Lynn and Jeremy, Congratulation on you have a baby M'Lynn, I'm so happy to hear from you have a baby now, very good, wow, M'Lynn ,you are going to be a mother in this year, you say the baby will come to the earth on the end of the November, that mean she or he will spend the Chairstmas Day with you together in this year, your family have a more member, your and Jeremy's mother must very happy, this is a good new for us, I really want to see you now, Oh what's your feeling ?I have some firend who have got birth to the baby, they said if you have a baby, different time have a different feeling, because the baby is growing up everday, and he is bigger and bigger, ,you will not confortable at all! I do not know how to say cleanly here, in a word ,the experiense is hard!

Oh ,you have a baby now, it is different from before, you need care a lot of such as work, walk, eating, ect. you can not work too much and very tried, and you can not walk too long road, more is please have more vegetable and fruit, these are good for your body, in a word ,you need pay attenion more than before, you must keep heathy for our coming baby! – Esther

I heard from hillary that you are pregnant, it’s good news. so we often together talk about whether your baby will look like you more or jumy. – Jenny

so happy for you, when i knew that you will have a baby soon. congratulations!i love children. so i envy you! i will share the good news with other colleagues. and how are you, do you suffer pregnant sick? please take care. in china pregnant woman is the most treasure in the family. so, when can you tell us that you will have a boy or a girl? in china, mothers didn't know it until the baby was born. As to the baby's name, is it a big problem to Mr. M'Lynn ?- Liyun

We heard from elissa, said that you will become a mami. That's ture? You don't know how glad we heard it. I believe our M'ynn is more and more pretty now, isn't right? – Morgan

Big Man .i am really excited at hearing about this Good news which i expected :) Yeah. i am looking forward to seeing your small baby ! hehe :) – Christian

I am very glad to hear that you and M'Lynn are going to have a baby, wow, that is really great. You will be a father, how does it feel? Again, congratulation on you will be a father. – Tracy

I am very excited to you have your first baby! I hope to see your baby, because i like foreign baby very much, it looks very lovely. – Hellen

oh My god ,Mr Jeremy did you just say you will have a baby in this November, I am so glad about it and that is a really nice surprise, good for you ... I hope you, M'lynn and the "future little baby''will being well, I really really do.. – Michael

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