July 2, 2007

12:2 Times July 2007

Smashed Pickup :-(

Yesterday (June 13, 2007) I was headed back to work after having lunch in town with my dad. I work out by the airport, so it is a little bit of a drive. After exiting a main highway, I turned left at the stop sign and began to accelerate. Immediately after passing under the two overpasses, I saw a pickup coming into the intersection in front of me. It was too late to stop and I smashed right into him. He had run the stop sign. After hearing the worst sound of my life, I quickly realized I was okay, not bleeding, and could move everything. My steering wheel was smoking (I guess b/c of the airbag), so I quickly squeezed out of my pick-up through the driver's side door that wouldn't open very wide.

In shock, I walked to the roadside and prayed God would send me an angel. Right away two women showed up and said they saw the whole thing happen. One of the women was wearing a yellow shirt that said "Praise the Lord!" She was from out of town (must've been my angel!) They stayed until the DPS showed up and took their statement.

Next thing I know the ambulance is there and they want to take me to the hospital to check me over (and make sure all is well with the baby because I'm 16.5 weeks pregnant). I agreed to go, so they strapped me to a stretcher (neck brace and all) and loaded me up into the ambulance. We arrived at the hospital and I was immediately taken to a trauma room where I was poked and prodded. They quickly found the baby's heartbeat and it sounded good. I wasn't in pain anywhere besides my upper left collarbone where the seatbelt had left a nice mark! Jeremy arrived soon after, and it was such a relief to see his face! After 5 hours of blood work, X-Rays, and waiting on the doctor, I was released.

I'm feeling pretty sore & stiff this morning (kind of like I went tubing at the lake and flew off a few too many times...but worse!). I took the day off from work because I'm still a little shook up by it all and a good rest is probably what I need today!

I'm so sad about my pick-up! Just the other day I was so proud of it because it was going on 7 years and had 93,000 miles on it and I've never had a problem with it. I always said I was going to drive it 'til the wheels fell off. I guess I did, because it is more than likely totaled. I didn't see it because I was always behind it at the scene, but everyone who did see it said it looked pretty bad. Oh yeah...and I made the six o'clock news...."A pregnant woman was taken to the hospital today after this wreck...." Wow. (posted June 14, 2007 on Facebook)

The Rest of the Story…

To update you on our current situation since the day of the smashed pickup, we are doing great. We are working with the insurance company to cover the damages to the car and the medical expenses incurred, and they have willing to work with our situation.

M’Lynn and Baby are doing great and their checkup was perfect. The baby is moving around letting M’Lynn know that it’s OK. We have one last doctor’s visit to check to make sure there is no nerve damage from the whiplash of the accident, and then M’Lynn should be given the clean bill of health.

We received word that the truck was indeed a total loss and have begun the process of purchasing a new ride for M’Lynn. We are asking for guidance as to what kind of car to purchase. Should we get a small car with great fuel economy, a truck to replace the truck, a family car with less fuel economy, or some other car? The process is not that fun and we never expected to have to purchase 2 cars within a year. So far we have driven 5 different cars and are looking for the “it” car.

Summer Family Visits

Christopher, Jeremy’s younger brother, was in town for the weekend. While he was here we took him to see the drive-in movie, even though it was long past all of our bedtimes before the movie was over, and to Summer Mummers.

Summer Mummers was definitely a unique experience. Never have I seen so much popcorn bought, thrown, and not eaten. It was good show, just be sure that you have a lid on your drink!

Baby Update

We are excited to find out if The Baby is a boy or girl on July 11. We will let you know as soon as we know. We have decided on one boy name and one girl name, but will keep the name a secret until later.

The Baby continues to grow and recently went through the first growth spurt. M’Lynn suddenly grew out of all of her clothes in on week and was looking for maternity clothes. We have had some wonderful people lend her some clothes, including J’Layne, her sister, and one of her co-workers. We are so blessed with clothes; we may not have to buy much of anything new.

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