January 1, 2007

Support Our Work

Serving in China is possible through individuals such as yourself. Each month we need to raise $3,700 and are looking for churches and individuals to partner with who are able to give both annual gifts and monthly donations. Any small amount will go a long way ($10, $20, $50, $100 per month).

If you’re interested in supporting our work in China or finding out more about what we do and why, contact us, read more about our sending organization, learn about Harbin, Heilongjiang our Chinese hometown, or why we're in China, or if you already know all you need to, you can give online (our teacher code is T219). All gifts are tax deductible and will cover things like our living expenses, insurance, training, support, and travel abroad.

Preliminary heartfelt thank you.

Click here for some Frequently Asked Questions about our work in China.

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