January 1, 2007

Why China?

Hello. We're teachers in China. We build relationships, live as servants, testify truth, and serve in Harbin, China. Read our story.

The memories from our first year in Nanchang, China (2005-06) urged us to return to share the eternal hope we have with others. The plan has been confirmed numerous times by our faithful Father, and all things have continually prepared us for the task at hand.

China is a land of change. In the 1980s, only 5% of high school graduates were able to attend college; now it is upwards of 15%. In the 1980s, Chinese people were largely isolated from the outside world. Now there are 298 million internet users, 1 billion mobile phone subscribers, and Chinese travel abroad in ever-increasing numbers. In the 1980s, 80% of the population lived in the rural areas and 20% lived in the cities. Now according to the 2010 national census that ratio is almost 50/50.

We are excited to share this wonderful task with you and allow you to be a part of the Father’s plan to redeem those in China who have not heard, but will come to understand (Isaiah 52:15). You can help us reach this goal by continually lifting up the newsletters we will send, and asking for partners to come forward to join in the Father's awesome adventure. We would love to be able to send you more information about the opportunities to partner together. Just drop us a line and we will get back to you to answer your questions and get you more information.

Check back to the blog for updates on the progress, stories of the faithfulness of the Father, and ways you can lift up this task.

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