January 3, 2014

One Word 2014

I’m joining the wonderful women of Velvet Ashes in choosing one word for 2014 in hopes that this one word focus will bring something special to my life this year.

Gratitude. That’s the word that found me. Maybe it’s Thanksgiving leftovers, like that last bit of stuffing that hung out in the back of the fridge until Christmas, but I’m feeling very thankful lately. It probably has something to do with the amazing ball of cuddles napping on the couch and the way God blew us away with her entrance to the world. It also could have something to do with my severe lack of sleep during the Thanksgiving holiday which caused me to forget to pause and be thankful. (I keep writing thankful instead of grateful because for some reason I like the word gratitude but not the word grateful. Oh well. Some English major out there will probably be annoyed by this, and that’s kind of funny if you ask me.)

I've started a gratitude journal and I’m pretty excited about it. If I write down 3 different things I’m thankful for every day in 2014, I’ll have a cute little book full of memories and blessings from this year when December 31 rolls around again. I know-- it’s so Oprah and 2005, but I've never done it before and the thought intrigues me. I almost don’t want to do it just to skip that guilty feeling when I find my dusty book under the couch beside a pile of lost Legos and a half-eaten bean bun in June and read the last entry from January 15, but false prophecy about guilt is never a good reason not to do something! I didn't even have to find a journal. It found me, just like the word “gratitude.”

So, here goes! Just for fun I’ll share my first three days:

January 1: Comfortable IKEA Bed, Facebook, awesome new phone, seven continuous hours of sleep

January 2: Songyi, free Beth Moore Kindle books, Starbucks – decaf and soy milk!

January 3: expat friends with drivers, the beef store, indoor play places, BBQ burritos and coleslaw

Uh oh! More guilt. My family isn't on there at all. Another reason not to do this—I’m going to feel guilty about what I write down when it’s not the appropriate Sunday school answer. But, I think that’s the point. We all know I’m thankful for my husband and my kids. The purpose is to get beyond the everyday stuff and enjoy the little things that can easily slip by unnoticed.

Okay…I still feel guilty. I’ll go ahead and do tomorrow now.

January 4: my husband, my kids, Jesus

And now I’m feeling guilty because they’re in the wrong order.


felderfam said...

You're funny. Love it. And am right there with you in every part of this. I'm even having a hard time writing a post, choosing a word, knowing I may ditch it in 2 weeks....alas, I'll do it anyway, trusting the nudging is something bigger than guilty thoughts.

Unknown said...

Guilt is SO over rated! Enjoying life and good gifts offered to us from a Good Father are NOT. I'm grateful for the margarita I'm going to enjoy later today ... doesn't seem very SS of me. But it's true :)

Anna Craig said...

what a great idea to do a gratitude journal! That will be so fun to look back on :)

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