July 8, 2013

Little sister or little mister

After we learned the gender, we had 10 days to organize the party and keep the secret from curious kids and in-laws. Kanyon and Corbin excitedly waited for the gender reveal party where they would learn if they would get a little sister or a little mister. Kanyon's been confident throughout that he's getting a little brother. Corbin, on the other hand, flops his vote depending on how you ask.

Corbin, do you want a little brother or sister? BROTHER
Do you want a little boy or girl? GER-REAL
Ask in Chinese do you want a mei-mei or di-di? MEIMEI (sister)
Do you want to wear pink or blue? BLUE

Corbin really thought the baby was going to arrive on the party day and spent most of his time asking, "When's the party? Where is the baby?"

Everyone cast their votes by wearing pink or blue. With just a glance of the guests the pinks outnumbered the blues 2 to 1. Not wanting to wait through a BBQ dinner and wanting something to talk about, it was now time to cut the cake.

The kids practiced earlier in the day by cutting zucchini bread so they were ready knives in hand. Follow this line. One for Corbin and one for Kanyon. The first cuts were unsuccessful, not nearly deep enough to find the hidden M&Ms so the kids ditched the knives and started digging by hand.


Corbin was obviously excited but Kanyon seemed a bit down, "Oh, it's pink." Probably because Kanyon was so looking forward to a little mister so that he could be "the oldest brother."

Thanks to all who drove in for the party. You can check out more pictures from the revealing here.

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jodi said...

awwwww!!! congrats you guys!! :D loved reading this blog and so so excited for your little sister (girl!) hehehe we'll definitely have to come and visit yall in the fall!! miss u all so much! yay!!

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