January 26, 2013

Mistaken for a Korean cartoon

Yesterday was national history day at school. National history day is an academic competition focusing on history in which groups of students compete in four different categories. All freshmen and sophomore students turned in projects for history class and the whole school was asked to dress up as an important (dead) historical figure.

I never thought I would be confused for a Korean cartoon character, but that’s exactly what students said when they first saw me.

Over the summer, we picked up some aviator hats from a vacation bible school and both Kanyon and I wore them to school to dress as the Wright brothers. I was Wilbur and Kanyon was Orville because he is lighter and smaller like the real Orville, who first flew the airplane for these reasons. Wilbur, being too big to fly, watched from the ground.

Students didn't first say that I was a Wright brother. They immediately thought of Pororo, a very famous Korean cartoon penguin. Pororo wasn't the only mistaken identity of the day. Some American students thought I looked a bit like Snoopy. Although the German student didn't think I looked much like the Red Baron that was the immediate response from many of the staff.

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