October 10, 2012

Sharkbait, ooh-ha-ha

We first met Sharkbait as our students handed us a goldfish in a milk tea cup as a gift for our kids. Sharkbait once freely roamed the university pond but when the university drained the pond for winter, Sharkbait was in danger. The students found an empty milk tea cup and then a willing someone to help them catch Sharkbait.

Two years later, Sharkbait is still flipping around his fish bowl. He’s survived numerous copsticks-in-the-bowl attempts at his life. He’s survived two summers with Chinese fish-sitters. One summer he doubled in size after being fed live fish and algae.

When we moved to Shenyang, we didn’t know if Sharkbait would come with us or if he’d be left behind.

Not Sharkbait. He survived a Chinese taxi ride to the train station. Survived a 6 hour train ride from Harbin to Shenyang in a large water bottle. Survived the subway.

Now with fresh rocks in his fishbowl, Sharkbait is happily at home in Shenyang.

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jodi said...

sharkbait was so tiny then!! glad he's still alive and stronger than ever after that train ride and lots of walking ruthy told me about haha..

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