October 1, 2012

Introducing my classmates

Learning a language with people from around the world is so fun! Let me introduce you to a few of my classmates:

The desk mate
My desk mate is from Korea. She is 28 years old and is in China to get a Master’s degree. We speak mostly Chinese to each other, but she knows some English which helps when we get stuck! The other day she showed me photos of amazing cakes she made by herself. Wow…we have a strange thing in common! (she’s way better than me at cakes, though!)

The forty-somethings
Two “40 something” year old women from Japan sit in front of me. One is the mom of 3 kids and the other has one child. They are so sweet and excited to try to communicate with me. We have to speak Chinese because they don’t speak English and I don’t speak Japanese!

The newly-wed
At the table behind me, there is a young newly-wed from Saudi Arabia. She wears a burka which accentuates her gorgeous eyelashes! I love that wears a hot pink shirt and a fun watch and carries a cute pink bag to accessorize her outer layer of all black. Her English is great, so we have fun chatting in English when the teacher leaves the room.

The tall girl
Another Japanese girl in my class is excited that she is not the only tall girl in the room. She’s about 5’8” and towers over all the other Asians.

The Russians
There are two Russian girls in my class. I loved watching them argue with the teacher the other day as they tried to convince her that there is definitely NOT a desert in Russia. Haha!

The teachers (4 teachers, all Chinese, of course)
My teachers are all surprised to learn my age and then learn that I am married and have two kids. According to the modern Chinese pattern of a woman’s life, I should perhaps be just newly married and not yet have a child.

The young
Two of my teachers are young, unmarried women in their mid-late twenties. They seem to enjoy fashion as their outfits can be very trendy.

The old school
The other two are older women (perhaps in their 40s) and I know one has a daughter. She has encouraged me to have at least one more child.


jodi said...

wow that's awesome! maybe i can teach u a japanese phrase or 2 to surprise your japanese classmates :) hehe would love to see a picture of all your classmates too!

Unknown said...

So many classmates from all over the world. We'll have to get them all over to our house for some good old fashioned Texas home cooking.

Unknown said...

yes, we need some Japanese phrases.

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