October 4, 2012

Big ‘ole can of propaganda

Today in Reading class my teacher opened up a big ‘ole can of propaganda. Aside from other topics, she informed us that the most dangerous part of the city is a place where lots of foreigners like to go and hang out. There are lots of cool bars there and lots of Korean restaurants. When we asked her why it is so dangerous, she said it’s because there are lots of “unregistered” foreigners there who don’t have proper visas. That sounds really dangerous to me. Unregistered foreigners! What is this world coming to?! I let it slide, but my Russian classmate would have none of it.

“Are you afraid of foreigners?” the Russian asked the teacher.

“No, no! Not you foreigners,” the teacher said motioning toward the class of foreigners she stood before, “Just the foreigners who are here on expired visas and stay in that part of the city.”

Fresh out of the propaganda can: “Beware of unregistered foreigners. They are dangerous and should be feared.”

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