April 15, 2012

Wait five minutes for a surprise

It's finally spring in Harbin meaning we can finally go outside without taking the ten thirty minutes to put on all the layers required for winter. So outside we headed to ride bikes around "bike heaven."

"Twenty-oh-B" Kanyon yells excitedly knowing exactly where we are going, to building 21B, the largest academic buildings on campus and home to bike heaven. Bike heaven is a large paved square surrounded by the big dining hall, the largest "teaching" building (21B), and two student dorms. Tons of students walk through the square going to lunch stopping only to take cell phone pictures of the kids. It's heaven for me too. I don't have to fear for their lives. There are no cars, only people and the the occasional motorcycle at which we yell, "Drive on the road!"

As I was watching the kids feeling a little bored with the riding, groups of students began gathering around the square. This is nothing new as it's a popular square. I thought "flashmob, that would be awesome." A few minutes later, a group of freshmen students walk up and begin chatting.

"Don't go now. Wait five minutes for a surprise." they said.

"What is it?"

"Students will dance. But it's a surprise, don't tell anyone."

"A flashmob!"

Just as classes let out and students flooded out of twenty-oh-B, the loud music started and the dance began.

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