December 15, 2011

We finally made it to Starbucks

For our date this week we had one purpose, to get in a taxi and head to Starbucks. And that's exactly what happened. No changing these plans.

Thanks to our amazing teammates who gave us one coupon for a free drink, we entered a little piece of America and enjoyed our two hour date at half price.

I talked about Starbucks with students and many wondered why I like it so much.


Starbucks is consistent. I know what drink I'll receive each time I order a vanilla latte. And anywhere I go, the drink will taste the same. I joked about the campus coffee shop (just as expensive, btw) that I never know what drink I'll end up with. It all depends on who's working making the coffee drinks on a given day. But with Starbucks, it's the same every time.

Much like McDonald's, I'll get the same hamburger at every McDonald's. It's a strange world comparing Starbucks to McDonald's.

It's a whole new world now with Starbucks in Harbin.

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