December 28, 2011

Christmas Favorites

As the kids have played with their new toys for three days now, I've created a list of their favorite toys.

Box - it was filled with corn and brought as a gift from one of our Christmas Eve dinner guests. Corbin's been walking around the house getting on his airplane with his suitcase all day.

Car 2 - this DVD has played non-stop since Christmas afternoon. I hadn't seen the movie before Christmas and now I've seen it about five times.

Finn McMissile race track - this toy has one controller. The boys constantly fight for control of the controller.

Mater Pit Stop Book - complete with tools you use as you read the book. It's been so popular that Corbin now has a scratch on his face battling over this book.

Mario and Luigi - these indestructible figures have been in Corbin's bed each night. books - we ordered 15 gently used children's books online and they were shipped to China for free! It's amazing! Each night the boys dig out one new book to read before bedtime.

Guys - both boys received airplanes with little pilots (guys). They also both received a Spiderman toy with a blue (good guy) Spiderman and a black (bad guy) Spiderman. Sometimes one of the kids get an idea in his head and requests a specific guy. We then have to dig through all the toy boxes looking for the little guy.

Dinosaurs - all shapes and sizes. They love all things dinos even pretending to be dinos themselves as they run up and down the hall roaring.

Thanks to all who've sent presents through the mail (or with M'Lynn in her suitcase). Christmas was amazing.

Now to settle into a routine that doesn't include movies or fighting.


suehall said...

Good luck with the "no movies or fighting"! My kids still argue and they're 12, 15, and 17...oh, that's why they argue! I enjoy reading about your adventures and would love for you guys to come and visit with our friends when you're back in the states. Happy New Year!

Unknown said...

Happy New Year to you too!

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