December 23, 2011

Christmas Big Huodong

Kanyon celebrated Christmas at his preschool today. We baked cookies and bought some snacks to share with the other kids as they celebrated together. Kanyon was excited all day to go to the "Christmas big 活动 huodong" (activity).

Kanyon was also asked to bring a mask for the event. I don't exactly know how Halloween got mixed with Christmas. I guess something was lost in translation. His mask was a homemade snowflake mask. We found out later the other kids had purchased fancy masks with feathers.

It was a big celebration. When he arrived this morning he was greeted by a Chinese teacher dressed as Santa handing out candy. Then to get to his class room, the hall was lined with kids dressed as Santa much like a victory line. Needless to say, he was a bit overwhelmed and over stimulated but had a great time.

"They have the most Christmas stuff at school." Kanyon said. We thought we had a lot of Christmas decorations and our tree looks nice this year but that's nothing compared to a blow up Santa in a 4-year-old's mind.

Merry Christmas!

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