November 30, 2011

Corbin: Fun Facts

He’s taken to sleeping in a big boy bed. He absolutely refused to sleep in his crib when we returned to China. So against our will, we set up the bottom bunk and let him sleep there. So far, so good.

Each time we begin cooking dinner, Corbin runs to the bedroom to get his very own plastic veggies. He dumps them into a pan and “cooks” his own dinner on the kitchen floor.

He couldn’t say the word truck. It sounded like something I hope no child would ever say. We fixed that problem and now he can’t say fork.

Books belong on the floor. At least that’s what he thinks. He’ll get every book off the shelf and put them all over the house.

He drives a car all around the house. His car even comes with a trunk. If we’re ever missing a toy, we know where to look. Check the trunk.

He started to potty train himself, but we weren’t ready. So we got out the training potty and let him have a go. We’ll see where this goes.

He loves healthy food. Tomatoes, good. Broccoli, good. Onion, spinach, lettuce, cucumbers, carrots, all good.

And everything he eats is “spicy.” Even when eating macaroni and cheese he’ll say, “spicy.” What kind of Texan are you, oh wait he was born in China so he’s Chinese.

He loves to play with trains. Trains go “dugga, dugga, dugga, dugga”

And he too can speak Chinese. Ayi (auntie), xi shou (wash your hands), and zai jian (goodbye).

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