November 28, 2011

The almost perfect date

It was almost the perfect ending to our weekly date time. Almost. It was this close to being absolutely amazing.

After a successful tip to the market to purchase a Christmas present for the eldest son, we decided to check on the progress of the soon coming Starbucks. Our heart skipped a beat as we looked down the street and saw the Starbucks sign glowing bright. Then we saw the lights inside were on and there were people sitting around. Could this be it, the grand opening of Starbucks Harbin? What would we order first?

Almost perfect. As we approached the door, we noticed that no one was drinking coffee. And the inside was still being assembled. But just a glimpse inside and we had dreams of one day sipping Vanilla Lattes in Harbin. We never dreamed this day would come while we were still in Harbin, but it is within sight.

As we gawked at the presence of a Starbucks in Harbin at least four groups of people came up and walked in the store hoping it was open. Each time they were turned away, but it won’t be long until we’re all be sitting in a little slice of America sipping to our hearts content.

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